Author Guidlines

  1. Each manuscript/ article must be written with 150 words for abstract.
  2. Articles must be 6,000 words long; however shorter and longer texts will be considered.
  3. Articles can be based on conceptual or empirical research findings.
  4. Manuscripts must be submitted for consideration via email attachment; with Microsoft Word format.
  5. Notes must be numbered in footnote form. Unless stated otherwise, abbreviations should be avoided.
  6. Journal titles must be written in full.
  7. Reference follows the following format: Author, Title (italic), Place, Publisher, Year. For example: (1) Footnote: J Hasyim Kamali, the Dignity of Man: An Islamic Perspective, (Kuala Lumpur: Ilmkiah Publisher, 2002), p. 11. (2) Bibliography: Kamali, Hasyim. the Dignity of Man: An Islamic Perspective, Kuala Lumpur: Ilmkiah Publisher, 2002.
  8. All journal article manuscripts will be corrected by academics according to their scientific qualifications; this is a process that may take weeks or months.
  9. Manuscripts of articles can be edited according to a predetermined environment before publication.
  10. The author must be willing to respond to questions from readers of the article written.


Book Review Author Guidelines:

  1. Please include the following at the beginning of the review:

Author, Title, Place, Publisher, Date, number of pages, ISBN E.g., Danil L. Pals. Seven Theories of Religion. Mold II. Jogjakarta: IRCiSoD, 2012. 398 + ii p. ISBN: 978-602-978-908-9.

  1. The review must begin with a brief description of the contents of the book as a whole.
  2. Matters that can be considered in the discussion of a book review include:
  • Reviews range in 1,500 words. The reviewer's name, affiliation and email address must appear at the end of the review.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of books.
  • Comments on the author's style and presentation.
  • Whether the author's goals have been met or not.
  • Errors (typographic or otherwise) and index usability.
  • Who will the book be useful for?
  • What is your recommendation; own it / buy it?
  1. The manuscript is sent with MS-Word format.